Deodorant 101 of Classico (zero waste)


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A gorgeous deodorant without aluminum that also cares for your skin. It keeps you clean and fresh all day long on a natural basis without any irritation. No unpleseant odors but a choice of perfume 101 with jasmine, lavender, bamboo, citrus and many more delicious fresh scents. Or the Classico with cedar wood, lavender and citrus for a deeper note that may have a slightly more masculine touch.

Both are packed in a tin that you can open, remove deo and close the tin after use. Handy to take along, takes up little space and is environmentally friendly. If you re-order you can indicate that you already have a can, then we will send it to you in paper packaging to use as little packaging material as possible. Even though all our packaging is reusable, we all contribute to a better world.

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Natural Deodorant

Deodorant 101 met met jasmijn, lavendel, bamboe, citrus en nog veel meer, Deodorant Classico met met cederhout, lavendel en citrus


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