Welcome to our site.

You can have a look at our products, make your regular orders and leave us feedback.

Should you have special wishes for a wedding (favours), birthday or other festivity, don't hesitate to tell us what you want. We can discuss the details.

Did you know we have a flatrate for shipping? Standard is just €5,40 and with Track & Trace only €9.00 worldwide! Whether you order 1 product or 10, the costs for postage remain the same. As a service to our customers.

All our products are vegan, the bodybutter and lipbalm contain a small amount of beeswax which is acceptable for most vegans.

Soap dishes are available as well as soap needs to dry between usage.

We work with natural materials where we can and even recycle our packaging where possible. This means your goods can be delivered in a previously used box (just for transport) which is perfectly clean and too good to be shredded. Will you help us reduce garbage by reusing it or having it composted?

We strive for environmentally friendly solutions and that's why we also make shampoobars. Without the need for a plastic bottle. Also available are beardoil, beardpommade, sugar scrubs, hairwax, several new soaps and many more to come.